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Child Legacy International, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, click here for documentation. Donations towards David’s goal are tax-deductible and designated to Child Legacy’s Clean Water program.

My wife Mary and I summitted Kilimanjaro on our honeymoon over twenty years ago.  My son Dawson and I summitted Kili again a few years ago with CLI and I have never felt more alive, ever.  The experience was beyond description. In the exhilaration thereafter I mentioned to Mike Navolio, our team leader, that the highest hiking trail in the world is Aconcagua. Why don’t we climb it next? He felt a calling, organized the trip, and asked that I join the group.

Why climb?  The Good Lord has blessed me mightily and there are few challenges left in life. At almost age 69, it’s easier to relax into old age. This climb will be the hardest thing I have done or ever will do. We so limit ourselves. Self-doubt and  misgiving alone block us from reaching our potential. I climb to show my children (and others) that their possibilities are endless, and to the glory of God for His tremendous handiwork and creation of the indomitable human spirit.

I also climb to honor CLI and the work that they do in Malawi.  The citizens experience grinding poverty but are the happiest people that I have ever met.

Support me in my climb and I will match each dollar given with another dollar. Below is an altitude list that I will take with me on the mountain for inspiration. I hope to achieve the same elevation as Kilimanjaro, 19,300ft, with help from the Good Lord, thereafter your generosity will support my climb.

ELEVATION          AMOUNT                                NAME
—————          ————-          —————————————
19,300                     $250
19,500                     $250
19,750                     $250
20,000                   $1000
20,250                     $250
20,500                     $250
20,750                     $250
21,000                   $1000
21,250                     $250
21,500                     $250
21,750                     $250
22,000                   $1000
22,250                     $250
22,500                     $250
22,750                     $250
22,841                   $1000

Remember, each of us is 100% paying all our expenses.  Each and every dollar donated goes directly to Child Legacy International to further their works–and each dollar donated is matched with another dollar from me.