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Passionate about travelling and making new friends, this was a great fit for her to explore her love of variety and adventure which led to meeting the love of her life, Harold. The Singletons moved to the Houston area from Las Vegas, Nevada about seven years ago. For them, “family” is their priority and they celebrate life by enjoying each other and traveling. The couple has always traveled international since before they were married and continued to do so as soon as 5 months after the birth of their son. So, putting a purpose to travel was not an issue.

Ezekiel got his first passport at the age of 8 months when he could barely sit up on his own for his passport photo. Consequently, as he grew older he began to get the travel bug as well. As a toddler, he would remind his parents as well as anyone who would listen to fasten their seat belt as the flight attendants would mention “the door was now close”. As a 12-year-old, he has been to many countries in his young years. He has also been on two mission trips already. He traveled to Nicaragua two years ago to minister to kids his age in their school setting as well as to Israel last year to minister to the orphans. He asked to give his first “mini-sermon” at the age of 9 years old where he led an adult back to recommit her life to God. Ezekiel is a vibrant homeschooled boy, who loves to travel, technology, photography, and developing his leadership skills. Ezekiel, believes when we summit Mt. Kilimanjaro we will be a “living testimony”!

Harold is a wonderful anchor for his family. He will be supporting both his wife and son from home on this trip. He wanted to make it but the timing was not suitable for his schedule.
Zipporah, will be accommodating their son on this amazing journey to allow him another opportunity to pour into people’s lives around him on his third mission trip. She has had the honor of volunteering locally and abroad for over 10 years. Through missions, she has also touch lives in Brazil, Guatemala, India, Nicaragua, Israel and counting. Her commission in life is to live with the end in mind. One of Zipporah’s turnkey books is – The Dash. She is committed to making a difference with her business development clients and colleagues here in the States AND internationally through our families Mission work. Zipporah worked in the hospitality, travel and real estate industry for a bit but still returned to the event industry and consequently in 1994, she started the first of several companies including two charities that they currently run. Being a business developer for over 19 years, she helps emerging businesses or assist established organizations to leverage their current clientele to set themselves apart from their competitors. Using her prior work experience, she prides herself on making a difference to those she has the honor to work with, by combining ideas across industries. She continues to pour into herself with leadership training so that she can pour into others. Currently volunteering with Lakewood Church on the Service Team and Mission Ministries.

Deciding to join the Clean Water Climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro was required as a stretch to get out of our comfort zone. Zipporah, had many reasons not to join the team as outdoors and camping is not a comfort for a “city” girl. Furthermore, Zipporah, having an asthma diagnosis would be a deal breaker for almost anyone. However, as a devout Christian listening to the call of her Father, she was awakened at 4AMafter she dismissed a friend’s suggestion to climb. Her father asked her “why are you limiting me?” From that point she began the process of training with her incredibly packed work and travel schedule.
She even worked out through a fractured foot and climbed the En Gedi trail in Israel in a boot for training. She says “how can I help other’s RISE up if I’m not willing to rise out of my comfort zone”.

The Singleton Team, is so honored to know that we will be helping to provide clean water to thousands of people when we hit our Team Goal of repairing 8 wells, we will be able to help about 16,400 villagers. Having seen the current conditions of the brown water that is available…it is appalling to imagine that anyone will drink or cook with this water. Please join Zipporah and Ezekiel in their quest to repair the 8 wells with their fundraising efforts. All monies raised goes to the Child Legacy Clean Water well efforts!

No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.
– George Washington Carver

Ezekiel –
The presence of pain in your life isn’t a prophecy of destruction. Rather, your troubles are a sign that He is preparing you for your arrival at a bright and cheerful ascent. You are in the process of sprouting new life. Breaking through the filthy soil of where you were placed in life, you sprout and rise to continue seeing another world of possibilities. But I understand the difficult in simply trusting Him. When we’re burdened by distresses and overwhelmed by the urgent demands of life, we forget that our Vinedresser truly has our best interests at heart.
– TD Jakes