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My name is Rod Sled and I live in The Woodlands, Texas.  I am a husband to a wonderful wife and father to four awesome kids!  Two of them are grown adult men and two of them are 5 year old twin girls!

My girls have everything they need here in Texas.  But what about kids that are born in countries such as Malawi where the percentage of children that die before age five is 25%?  How could this be that we are so fortunate here but people in Malawi have an average life expectancy of 43?  If I was born in Malowi, I would be above average age if I was still alive, and most likely, one of my four children would not have made it past five years old.

When I hear stats like that and see pictures of people pulling water out of a muddy hole as there is no other option for them, I have to ask myself, what can I do?

I am climbing Mt. Harvard in July to raise money and awareness for the people of Malawi to have access to clean water.  Something we take for absolute granted although the people of Malawi desperately need to survive.   The costs of my climb are paid for.  All money I raise goes directly to building and repairing existing water wells in Malawi.

I ask that you consider helping me in this.  Any dollar amount will help!  For reference, $1250 is the cost to repair one well.  How many wells can we fix together?