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Be A Lobster

Several years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a group of young robotics students. We studied and applied biologically inspired design to help find solutions for the challenging tasks we were given, finding inventive ways to improve the lives of others. At that time, we read about the growth of a lobster. As the lobster grows it becomes uncomfortable in its shell. In order to continue to grow, the lobster has to feel this discomfort, and shed its confining shell many times during the course of its life. 

Three years ago I did just that when I left the security of my home, job, and community and began traveling the world. I placed my fate in God’s hands and began to cross borders many have come to fear in order to experience, better understand, and glorify our majestic world that God created. 

Throughout my travels I happened upon works of art, mountains, oceans, monuments, ancient ruins, lush gardens, interesting artifacts and food, palaces and poverty, the blessed and oppressed. On my journey, I continually grew as I climbed heights I never imagined to be obtainable and I was continually blessed with the opportunity to serve those in need along the way. Shedding that shell led me to a greater purpose in life. 

As I join the Clean Water Climb team and Child Legacy International, I look forward to serving those in need in Malawi, so they too have the same chance they deserve as children of God to continually grow and make a difference in our world. We will be climbing to raise funds and awareness as well as traveling to Malawi to work with Child Legacy International. There we will use the funds we raise to repair water wells.

With my first climb at Machu Picchu in Peru, I empowered myself. As we climb Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa –the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, I will be taking on a greater challenge…empowering others!

With your help, each step I take will raise funds and awareness in order to improve the lives of many. At altitudes of 18,519 feet and 19,341 feet, these mountains have a success rate of only 65%. With the quality of life of so many others at stake, how can I turn back? 

I invite you to join me on these challenging climbs by sponsoring my steps. All proceeds go to child legacy. All my travel expenses are my contribution. I know with your faith, courage, kindness, and support, we will make it to the top!

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