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Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro
Why climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa, standing majestically at 19,341 feet? It would seen strange for someone who is not a hiker and fully aware of all of the potential medical problems associated with such a trek. But, such is my passion for helping the underserved and for ministry. The people of Malawi, like many other places in the world, live daily without easy access to clean safe water. Though, I have always recognised the importance of clean water in reducing the number of ill days and deaths from drinking and using contaminated water, I heard first-hand about the impact of that from those who experience it. On a recent mission trip to India, I was educated by some villagers about the difficulty of having clean water in the rainy season when their wells flooded. Bleaching the well water at that point did not work. They had to strain the water through cloth and keep it in containers. They described the water as “murky” after straining. I encouraged them to boil the water before using it. It was something that I had taken for granted. This was November of this year.
In May 2018, while on a trip to Orlando, Florida, I met someone who was scheduled to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Child Legacy International’s Clean Water Climb. She gave me a copy of the brochure and I thought it was interesting. When packing for my trip to India, I found the brochure in my suitcase, and I read it fully. Immediately, I felt that I should be part of this effort. I could not shake the feeling that I must be part of this effort. When I learned first hand of the impact of not having clean available water, I knew that I was going to be part of this effort and I would raise funds to bring old broken water wells back to life. Help me please, with your prayers and your contributions reach my fundraising goal for Child Legacy’s work. I am paying all my own expenses for this trip so that all your donations go to Child Legacy’s work!
I was born in the country of Trinidad and Tobago, in a town in the south of Trinidad. I had clean water in my home all of my life. I cannot even imagine getting sick or seeing my love ones sick from using contaminated water. I migrated to the United States to attend college, and have had full access to clean water. As a physician, I have been active in short term mission trips. I believe that the best way to preach the gospel is to show others that you care, not just with words but by what you do.
Child Legacy International not only repairs broken wells in Malawi. They also work toward developing sustainable communities with agriculture, aquaculture, and access to good medical care. Malawians are trained to do the work. This provides jobs and education for a sustainable future. Help us do more. Your gift is tax deductible. Most Malawians live on less than one United States dollar per day. Your gift would mean so much to them and to me. God bless!