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Have you ever wanted to accomplish something so great it seemed impossible? With time, we realize anything worth having in life comes with sacrifice.  Hi my name is Julie, and after 13 years of university and 21 years in the healthcare industry, I knew there was more God wanted me to experience and accomplish.  Success is a journey not a vacation spot.  If you want to guarantee failure in life, never try to overcome the obstacles blocking your road to success. When God gives you a talent, take what you have and let blossom.  The rewards will be great.  Even though the need can be overwhelming, God can bless and multiply your five loaves and two fishes.  Remember not trying will guarantee failure.  So, what will you do with what God has given you?  Will you take your talents and multiply it, or will you bury it?  The choice is yours.

So why did I decide to partner with Clean Water Climb to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro and Child Legacy to build water wells in Malawi?   

The challenge side of my brain says:  Tell me I can’t, and I will say watch me! At 19,341 feet, Mt. Kilimanjaro exemplifies the magnitude of the water problem in Malawi not the magnitude of my God!

The fun side of my brain says:  Who’s coming? Who’s bringing the s’mores?  Let’s stay up all night telling stories and making each other laugh!

The service part of my brain says:  God did I make a difference?  When you were hungry, did I offer you meat?  When you were thirsty, did I offer you a drink? When you were a stranger, did I take you in?  When you were naked, did I cloth you?  When you were sick and in prison, did I come and visit you?

The factual part of my brain says Innocent children die every 15 seconds due to the complications from deplorable drinking water and sanitation. For each $1 raised, up to 2 people have access to clean drinking water for the next five years!

So if you made it this far in my bio, then I know you are a world changer! I also know your God given “talents” will bless generations to come!!!

Please help me bring clean water to 4 villages and schools in Malawi, Africa by supporting my goal of $5000 for Child Legacy’s 2019 water well ministry! I am paying all my own trip expenses, so all of your tax-deductible gifts go directly to providing clean water!

Thank you for being the vessel that literally brings “Living Water.”