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Last year, a good friend told me she was training for a major mountain climb in Africa and the cause, I became intrigued. I was born a nurse, love ministry/missions, travel and adventure, so this was really interesting. I decided a few months ago to do the hardest thing (physically) I’ve ever done in my life… to climb Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, 19,341′ in late June 2018 to raise funds for Child Legacy International Water Well Repair Ministry with Clean Water Climb to bring clean water to the people of Malawi, Africa, one of the top 5 poorest countries in the world.

Clean water- a basic essential necessity needed to live. The average adult cannot live longer than a week without water, not to mention a child.

The population of Malawi is 17.2 million, the unemployment rate in Malawi is 85%, 52% live on less than $1 per day and 85% of the people live in rural areas. Appx 40% of rural Malawians have no access to safe, clean drinking water.” This is crisis, third world poverty that you can invest in and save lives, literally.

“Between 7,500 and 10,000 water wells were estimated to be broken when Child Legacy began this ministry in 2008. They have now repaired about 3700 of them! One well serves an average of 2,050 people. Each repair or refurbished hand pump well repair cost is appx $1,250.” My goal is 8 well repairs = $10,000, which can provide clean water for appx 21,000 people.

Without clean water, Malawians are often forced to walk for unthinkable miles to gather dirty, contaminated water to drink, cook and clean in. “A child dies every 15 seconds due to disease attributable to unsafe drinking water, deplorable sanitation and poor hygiene. “ It’s caused by agriculture runoff, sewage and industrial waste (The World Factbook). Unclean water causes illnesses such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, malaria, schistosomiasis, hepatitis, dysentery and intestinal worms. Intestinal parasitic infections can lead to malnutrition, anemia and stunted growth. WHO

“Child Legacy International Inc. is a Christian non-profit organization working in Africa to transform lives by providing opportunities that break the generational cycle of poverty and despair, and support each person’s pursuit of their God-given destiny.”

Their approach is four pronged for basic well-being1. Clean water, 2. Food (agriculture/aquaculture), 3. Healthcare and 4. Education and training. Basic needs that every person on earth should have to thrive. I love this approach as well as their mission and core values (for me…primarily stability and self-sufficiency). Click here the complete core values and more Child Legacy information.

Our mission is to build sustainable communities in Africa, where hope thrives and legacies of opportunity are created, breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

Guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we provide a future of opportunity for the people of Africa by facilitating access to clean water, proper nutrition, medical care, education and training. By empowering individuals and families with the vital resources they need, they are able to make a lasting impact in their communities and change the nation as a whole.

In addition to well repair, hygiene is always taught and the Gospel, the Living Water and Word, is shared at every repaired well.

All of the work of the repaired wells are done by trained Malawians, your donation is an investment into their lives and provides jobs! Please consider supporting my fundraising efforts of Child Legacy’s Annual Mt. Kilimanjaro Clean Water Climb by giving a tax deductible donation for well repairs in Malawi, Africa.

Thank you sincerely,

Jowanza “Jo” Holley


Child Legacy International

Clean Water Climb, Mike Navolio

The World Factbook

The World Health Organization (WHO)


Child Legacy’s Annual Mt Kilimanjaro Clean Water Climb

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