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The excitement was as we approached the ever so tiny landing strip. I looked out the window and to see what looked like a huge dump site. As we neared the ground I could see the tin roofs. I wasn’t looking at a dump, but a city of homes. I could no longer focus on the fact that our plane could crash with one wrong move. My only thought was how are people living like this.

That was my first mission trip in 2011. I was certain that I was going to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to make a difference. What I didn’t know was the impact it would have on me. It was a medical missions trip where I had no experience medically, but I could haul equipment and hang out with the children. That life altering experience opened my heart to the world. No longer did I see on a micro level, my vision now macro. It hurt to see and know how great my life was in comparison, however, I was also keenly aware of how happy and grateful the Honduran’s were to receive.

When I was approached with idea of taking a hike to raise money for others to have food it was a no brainer for me. Yes! Send me. Then I hesitated. The how’s, when’s, why’s, with what money kicked into place. Everyday I get to go out into my community and help seniors get home repairs they could not afford on their own. As I took drinks of water, clean water, I realized there are villages of people who do not have this same opportunity. Children drinking muddied, sometimes contaminated waters, just to quench a thirst you and I glance over on a day-to-day basis.

My name is Chetkeila (sha-KEY-la) Greene. I am a single mother of three sons, whom I wish to teach by example the heart of Jesus. There are so many things we have to be thankful for and everyone deserves clean water.

What is the purpose of climbing a mountain? So glad you asked! Mount Kilimanjaro represents the water problem in Africa. It is a huge mountain to climb. The task will be tough but reaching the summit will be “well” worth it. The best way to help someone to succeed is through education. Partnering with Child Legacy to do a Clean Water climb, will enable our team to provide ways for villages to obtain clean water, mitigating deaths caused by waterborne diseases.

As Jesus went, He healed. As an individual there is a limit in what I can do. As a community we can make a generational impact in the world. Consider how you invest your time, energy and money. Travel with me on this journey. Together we can be the change we want to see.