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Climbing Mountains for Clean Water


2 Challenges

1 Purpose


The Challenges

Hi my name is Bill Shannon and in the above photo is my son Noah.

As we know, all families have challenges but we all have learn to persevere thru those challenges.

Our family have found that the best recipe for dealing with challenges is our faith in God, help from our family, friends and especially our special needs community.

As a family, we long ago decided that we would not allow our challenges to keep us from helping others in need.

Consequently, thru our yearly mission trips we have served many in India and Central America and now Africa.

So this year, Noah and I are going to challenge ourselves by climbing mountains.

Noah will climb a mountain in the Smoky Mountains and I will climb Kilimanjaro.

The Purpose

Put it simply…We are climbing Mountains for Donations.

Donations will go to the repair of water wells in Malawi.

Old wells that support whole villages are broken and are in need of repair.

We are asking if YOU could spare a dollar or two to help these folks get clean water.

With clean water so much can be solved for the health of the children of Malawi.

$25 could give clean water to 40 children for 5 years.


That is a run to McDonalds for a couple of Happy Meals, drinks and ice cream cones!

With that $25 dollars, you will literally be changing lives.

If you feel like this is something that you could do, please go to our donation page and give.

If you feel REALLY motivated…you can sponsor a well for $1,250 helping approximately 2,000 villagers.

Please pray for the people of Malawi and please pray for Noah and I as we prepare and conquer our challenges of climbing mountains for Clean Water.

Thank you and God Bless!

Noah and Bill