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Child Legacy International, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, click here for documentation. Donations towards Tommy’s goal are tax-deductible and designated to Child Legacy’s Clean Water program.

God had been talking to me for a while to get involved, to “get off the sideline” as Pastor Jeff said and do something.  I was ignoring much of the push to take that first step.  Then in the Spring of 2016 after Church one Sunday, an opportunity to volunteer crossed my path.

I stepped forward and met  Mike Navolio, listened to his vision of Clean Water Climb and was sincerely moved by his passion.  Further, I found a strong alignment in what my profession calls me to do (I work in the water industry), a lifelong passion for helping children and, my interest in developing a closer relationship with God.  I listened and then researched, what it really meant to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Would it be possible to truly impact what I know professionally about water, its scarcity, its impact on civilization and help children?

The answer is pretty straight forward except for one minor issue.   I am afraid of heights.  Yes, how could I possibly succeed in this endeavor with this lifelong issue of mine?  I was not sure and still question yet the call from God is strong so I have had to listen.  His call centered on that feeling you have when a sensation and a peace resides inside your soul.  For me that feeling runs through my spine  and gives me a peace of mind that lets me know something is right.  I wanted to get closer to God and how better to do that than climb one of  the highest points on Earth with other Godly people.

The result of this effort would most certainly change me while positively impacting so many others in our world.  So I felt good about my decision.  Further, my commitment was made even stronger by an event from last year that challenged my life and my understanding of my life.  I became very sick and almost did not make it through an infection that had invaded my body.  God saw me through the event with tons of love from my friends and family.  From that event I became even more committed to learn about myself, grow outside my comfort zone and, embolden my relationship with our Lord Almighty. So I reached out to Mike again and the Clean Water Climb has now become one of my life’s major goals.

As part of this goal, I am working to raise money for building and refurbishing water wells in Africa.  On average each water well costs $1250 and I am setting a goal to raise enough money to bring 10 wells on line.  So my fund raising goal is $12,500.  This money will go directly to Child Legacy International’s effort to bring wells on line.  I am personally covering all expenses for the trip and will be supporting my fund raising efforts with my personal donation.