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I don’t care much for fund raising. Maybe it’s just too hard to ask others to help. BUT if your kid’s life was at stake wouldn’t you do anything to help them? Well, these aren’t my biological kids, but these are GOD’s kids and that makes them part of my/our family! These kids that I am talking about are in Malawi, Africa, and many of them are dying from waterborne bacteria. I’ve had the pleasure recently of getting connected with Mike Navolio of Child Legacy who organizes trips to raise funds for repairing wells in Malawi and has a big heart for these same kids…and people. 

We take clean water for granted, don’t we? But imagine if you had to walk a block, 5 blocks, or a mile to get DIRTY water and that was what you had to use for the day…how would you feel? And then how would you feel if someone brought you the means to have clean fresh water right nearby and all you had to do was pump the water out? Well, you might still complain because you had to pump it…because we are so spoiled to get clean water at the turn of a faucet. But these villagers are thrilled to have clean water and even better they get served LIVING WATER with it!! They have the opportunity to make Jesus Savior of their lives, guaranteeing them Heaven after this short stay on earth. 

 I have been climbing mountains since 1976 and have been to the highest point in all 50 states except the last 1000 feet of Denali in Alaska…plus others. Honestly, I thought my mountain climbing days were over, but then again, I didn’t have a REASON to climb them that was so compelling. SO, here I am again, getting stretched by God at the 8th or 9th inning of my life!! This is my PERFECT STORM…God gave me a heart for lost people, hurting people…especially lacking clean water, and climbing mountains.  Will you join me on this journey? I will be paying all my own costs for the trips. All funds raised will go directly to the well projects in Malawi. I’m planning 2 trips this year: the first is a magnificent hike to Machu Pichu Peru in April and a second “little” hike up Kilimanjaro (over 19,000 ft) in Tanzania in July. These will both be amazing trips but also challenging for this 70-year-old body! But life is even more challenging without clean water so that is why I go to help others. Roger

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