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How You Can Make a Difference

Please consider joining one of our Clean Water Climb teams to raise money for Child Legacy International’s clean water ministry in Malawi, Africa. If you can’t “take a hike” at this time, please consider making a contribution towards one of our hiker’s goals on this team or any one of our teams! Through your tax-deductible support you are literally saving lives from one of the world’s leading causes of death – waterborne diseases – especially in young children.

By partnering with one of Child Legacy International’s Clean Water Climb Teams either as a participant or a donor, you are helping bring clean water and Living Water to hundreds of thousands of Malawians! With your help, we can change the future of Malawian families! With your help, we can change a nation! Thank you in advance for your support!

For information on joining a team please contact us!

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Mike Navolio

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Everest Base Camp Team 2023

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Malawi Mission Team 2023

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Colorado Team

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